President:  Dave Scamardella, McConnellsburg, PA

Vice President:  Dave Schreffler, Everett, PA

Recording Secretary:  Armin Behr, Everett, PA

Treasurer:  Laura Jackson, Everett, PA


John Boggess, Alum Bank, PA

John Dunn,  Bedford, PA       

Gene Foor, Saxton, PA

John Herr, Everett, PA

Michael Jackson, Everett, PA

Joe Wolfe,  McConnellsburg, PA


Immediate Past President:   Don Oaks, Everett, PA



Michael Knoop, Special Project Coordinator

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy


Jennifer Lentz Kovacs, District Manager &

Regina Miller, Bedford County Conservation District


Dave Scamardella, Service Forester

DCNR, Bureau of Forestry


Seleen Shives, District Manager

Fulton County Conservation District


  Woodland Owners of the
  Southern Alleghenies

Everyone is invited to attend the WOSA Board meetings every fourth Friday at noon at Ed's Steak House in Bedford, PA

Woodland Owners of the Southern Alleghenies

P.O. Box 253

Everett, PA  15537

WOSA Committees

(Committee Chair is the first person listed)

Activities:  Dave Scamardella, Mary Jo Casalena, Joanne Boggess

Annual Conference:  Dave Scamardella, Don Oaks, Laura Jackson, John

      Boggess, Mary Jo Casalena

Awards Historian:  Dave Schreffler

Banquet:  Ron Johnson, Brent Hiteshew, Laura Jackson, Dave Schreffler

By-Law: Ron Johnson, Laura Jackson

Legislative:  Dave Schreffler, Don Oaks, Laura Jackson

Membership:  Laura Jackson, Joanne Boggess

Picnic:  John Boggess, Mary Jo Casalena, Don Oaks

Publicity/Media:  Laura Jackson, Brent Hiteshew, Dave Scamardella

     with Website Administrators Jim & Donna Kuehn

Scholarship:  Laura Jackson, Loretta Radeschi

Strategic Planning:  Armin Behr, Ron Johnson, Don Oaks, Dave Scamardella,

     Dave Schreffler, Laura Jackson

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