Forestry & Wildlife Conferences

  2024 - Goods From the Woods
            Growing Ramps and American Ginseng    Cat Pugh

            Lessons From the Land     Keynote Speaker: Seth Cassell, PA State Forester
            Getting Started in Maple Syrup    Scott Weikert
            PA Game Commission Wildlife Update    
            Introduction to Mushrooms    John Traister

  2023 - Managing Forests and Wildlife in a Changing World
            Want Healthy Forests? Listen to the Birds!    Laura Jackson, Forest Landowner
            Climate Change in Your Neck of the Woods    Keynote Speaker: Ryan Reed, Environmental Education Specialist,  DCNR, Bureau of

            How to Help Fund What You Do in Your Woods    Josh Rittenhouse, Consulting Forester

            Family Forest Carbon Program    Calvin Norman, Penn State Professor
            PA Game Commission Update    Brandon Pfister, Game Warden 
            Fungal Pathogens You Should Know     Jill Rose, Plant Pathologist, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry

 2020 - 2022 - No Conferences held due to Coronavirus

 2019 - Clean Water Grows on Trees
            The Eastern Hellbender, Salamander as an Indicator Species for Healthy Pennsylvania Streams     Peter Petokas, Research Associate,  Clean

                    Water Institute, Lycoming College
             Woodlands and Watersheds: How Forest Stewardship Protects and Improves Pennsylvania's Streams and Groundwater     Andrew Yencha,

                    Extension Educator, Penn State Extension    
             What are Riparian Buffers, What Grows There, and How Do I Start One?      Kelsey Miller, Riparian Buffer Technician, PA DCNR, Bureau of

            How to Help Fund What You Do in Your Woods      NRCS Representative

            Willow Cuttings       Dave Scamardella, Forester, PA DCNR, Bureau of Forestry

             Pennsylvania Game Commission Update       Bert Einodshofer, Game Warden Supervisor, Southcentral Region, PGC
            The Forest Stewardship Plan of Sulzbacher Demonstration Forest     Dave Scamardella, Forester, PA DCNR, Bureau of Forestry

 2018 - The Future of Deer and Forests
            The State of the Forest     James Finley, PhD., Director of Center for Private Forests at Penn State University
            Active Stewardship in Our Neck of the Woods-Shared Needs and Opportunities      Leslie Horner, Forest Stewardship Program Associate,

                    Center for Private Forests at Penn State University    
            Can It Get Better? Exploring Chronic Wasting Disease Management Options     Jeannine Fleegle, Deer and Elk Biologist, PA Game Commission

            The War on Coal, Appalachian Forests, and the Chesapeake Bay     Keith Eshleman, PhD, University of Maryland, Appalachian Laboratory

            The Forest Stewardship Plan of Sulzbacher Demonstration Forest     Dave Scamardella, Forester, PA DCNR, Bureau of Forestry

 2017 - Balancing Deer and Native Plants
            The Land Ethic and the Future of Forests     Dr. James Finley, Ibberson Chair of Forest Resource Management, Director of Center for Private

                     Forests at Penn State University
            Controlling Invasive Plants and Using Native Plants     Kelly Sitch, Botanist, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry     
            Panel Discussion: Funding Available and Conservation Easements for Forest Landowners     

                     Michael Knoop, Land Protection Specialist, Western PA Conservancy

                     Su Ann Shupp, Land Conservation Coordinator, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry

                     Brad Michael, District Conservationist, Natural Resource Conservation Service
            Deer in This Decade: Deer Management and Chronic Wasting Disease     Cal DuBrock, Goddard Chair of Forestry and Environmental Resource

                     Conservation, PSU

           PA Game Commission Update     Timothy Layton and Brad Myers

           Status of the Ruffed Grouse in PA     Lisa Williams, PA Game Commission    


  2016 - What's Living in Your Woods?
            Goods from the Woods: Wild Medicinal and Edible Plants of Appalachian Forests (Ginseng, Butternut, Black Cohosh, etc.)   

                     Dr. Sunshine Brosi, Assistant Professor, Frostburg State University

            Controlling Invasive Plants in Small Woodlots      Dave Jackson, Forest Resources Educator, Pennsylvania State University

            Forest Pest Update     Sharon Coons, Forest Program Specialist, Bureau of Forestry, Division of Forest Health

            Managing Healthy Woodlots for Mammal Habitat      Julie Zeyzus, Wildlife Biologist Consultant     
            Marvelous Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania     Bill Russell, Central PA Mushroom Club    

  2015 - Forest and Wildlife Management Using Fire: Burning Issues 

            Native Americans, Smoky Bear and the Rise and Fall of the Eastern Oak Forest    Marc Abrams, Ph.D., Professor of Forest Ecology and

                       Physiology, Penn State

            Managing Wildlife Habitat with Prescribed Fire on Wills Mountain    Jonathan Zuck, Land Manager, PA Game Commission

            Implementing a Prescribed Burn for Oak Regeneration on Private Land     Shannon Henry, Prescribed Burn Contractor & Jana Malot, private


            National Heritage Area - Bedford     Scott Schuette, Ph.D., Botanist, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy             

            WOSA Annual Meeting  --  mentioned  501(3)(c) donations tax deductible, WOSA Strategic Plan (principles & goals), & forming committees

            The Progression of Firefighter's Safety    Ray Miller, Forest Fire Specialist Supervisor, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry

            Pennsylvania Game Commission Update    Mary Jo Casalena - Wildlife Biologist: PA Game Commission & Jonathan Zuck, Land Manager, PA

                       Game Commission

            Successful Oak Regeneration    Aaron Stottlemyer, Ph.D.-Assistant Professor of Forestry, Penn State, Dubois

  2014 - Forest Management, History, and Archaeology

            Early Use of PA's Plant and Animal Resources by Native Americans and Colonial Immigrants    Dr. W. Eugene Foor, Professor Emeritus, 

                      University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown

            Archaeology and Forestry, Rules, Rights, and Best Practices    Kira Heinrich, Historic Preservation Specialist, PA Historical & Museum 


            The Evolution of Forestry: Philosophy, Practices and Principles    Francis Zumbrun, Green Ridge State Forest Manager, Retired

            Dendroecology of Old Growth Forests    Sarah Johnson, The Nature Conservancy, PA Chapter

            The World is Losing Forest at a Rate of a Football Field Every Four Seconds    William McWilliams, Research Forester, US Forest Service, Forest

                      Inventory and Analysis

            What We Can Do For the Future Forest    Panel Discussion, WOSA Members

  2013 - Woodland Management, Challenges and Opportunities 

            What's Bugging You?     David A. Schmit – Forest Health Specialist, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry, Division of Forest Pest Management

             Chronic Wasting Disease    Wyatt Knepp – PA Game Commission, Wildlife Biologist  

             Diseases of the Forest and Landscape Trees    David A. Schmit – Forest Health Specialist, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry, Division of Forest Pest


            PA Game Commission Update    Mary Jo Casalena - Wildlife Biologist: PA Game Commission

            Managing Habitat for Golden-winged Warblers    Kevin Yoder - National Wild Turkey Federation, Wildlife Biologist

            Restoration of High-Graded Stands    Steve Wacker - Assistance District Forester, Tuscarora State Forest

            Stomp on Pests - Invite Native Guests    Mike & Laura Jackson - PA Forest Stewards 


  2012 - 15th Annual Forestry and Wildlife Conference

            Bugs - Emerald Ash Borer, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, Sirex Wood Wasp, Asian Longhorned Beetle    Dr. Donald A. Eggen, Ph.D. - Forest Health

                       Manager, DCNR Bureau of Forestry
            Diseases - Thousand Cankers of Walnuts, Elm Yellows, Oak Wilt, Sudden Oak Death    presenter: ?
            Bats - White  Nose Syndrome    Cal Butchkoski, PA Game Commission

            Silvicultural Practices - Slow Spread of Hemlock Woolly Adelgid     Maryann Fajvan, USFS

            Restoration of High-Graded Forests    Dr. Jim Finley, Penn State Extension

            USDA-NRCS Programs for Cost-Sharing    Brad Michael, District Conservationist for Fulton County

  2011 - Woodland Management, Challenges and Solutions

            Pennsylvania Forest Health Update    Dr. Donald A. Eggen, Ph.D. - Forest Health Manager, DCNR Bureau of Forestry, Div of Forest Pest Mgmt.

            EAB: PA Regulatory Program    CoAnne O'Hern - State Plant Health Director - PA USDA-APHIS-PPO

            Managing Forest Openings For Wild Turkey    Mary Jo Casalena - Wildlife Biologist, Wild Turkey Program PA Game Commission

           Managing Mature Forests    Tony Ouadro - Asst. Mgr./Tech Programs Director, Forester at Westmorland Con. Dist.

            Saving Your Piece of Paradise for the Future    Mike & Laura Jackson - WOSA Forest Stewards; Richard Hill, Master Candidate, Penn State
                      University School of Forest Resources

            PA Game Commission Update    David Schreffler - PA Game Commissioner

            Management of Clearing for Wind Turbines and Gas Wells    Marja H. Bakermans, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Researcher & Faculty Member -
                      Indiana University of PA

            Farm Bill Programs for Forest Landowners    Brad Michael - District Conservationist Fulton County USDA-NRCS

            Forest Diseases    Dr. Thomas Hall, Plant Pathologist/Forest Pathologist, DCNR Bureau of Forestry-Div. of Forest Pest Management

  2010 - Sound Stewardship & Dealing with Invasive 

            Identification of Common Non-Native Invasive Forest Plants    Meghan Kerr & Andrew Wicks - Natural Biodiversity, Windber, PA

            Strategies for Dealing with Non-Native Invasive Plants    Eric Burkhart, PhD - Penn State - Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

            What is Bugging You    Donald A. Eggen, PhD - DCNR Bureau of Forestry, Division of Forest Pest Management, Middleton, PA

             Feral Swine Issue    Kyle Van Way - USDA - APHIS - Wildlife Services, Harrisburg, PA

            The Red Fox - An Invasive    Chris Skipper - PA Game Commission, Wildlife Conservation Officer

            Native Plants    Liz McDowell - Elk Ridge Nature Works, LLC, Grantsville, MD

            EQIP Environment Quality Incentive Program    Dave Scamardella - PA DCNR, Bureau of Forestry - Buchanan Forest District

  2009 - Annual Forestry & Wildlife Conference 

            Emerald Ash Borer    Dr. Houping Liu, Forest Entomologist, the world's leading expert of the borer

            Other Forest Pest Issues    Don Eggen, Director Forest Pest Management, DCNR, Bureau of Forestry

            Forest Fragmentation

            Energy and Your Forest    David Jackson, Forester, Penn State Cooperative Extension


  2008 - Sound Forest Stewardship - The Next Step 

            How to Manage a Growing Forest

            Forest Hydrology

            Watershed Management

            What's Bugging You

            USDA EQIP Program

            Wildlife Attracted to Areas of Pre-Commercial Thinning 


    Woodland Owners of the

    Southern Alleghenies